Making The Unique Choice For Car Covers

Making The Unique Choice For Car Covers

There are many extraordinary vehicle covers, on the market. Which vehicle cowl suits you and your automobile nice will in large part depend on in which you keep your vehicle and in which you live. Even if your vehicle is saved indoors, you will want to cowl your vehicle to save you it from getting overly dusty, and knocked approximately. For those who keep their car exterior, there is a large variety, relying on the weather and weather situations. Technalon is a automobile cover that is evidently water-resistant. It’s manufacturing employer, Covercraft, have evolved their very own cloth referred to as Evolution four, that is woven in a manner that makes it evidently waterproof. Since the resistance is natural, it’s far greater long lasting, as the resistance will not wear thin with time and use. Technalon is UV resistant too, making it suitable for all climate situations.

Sunbrella automobile covers are designed especially for the ones in warm climates. The Sunbrella cover is obviously proof against ultra-violet rays. It is also dirt and dust resistant so that the dust so frequently observed in hot climates can’t filter via to the auto. At a decrease stage, Sunbrella is also water-resistant, in order that the car is somewhat included from the occasional bathe of rain. Noah covers placed an emphasis on being water resistant. Just as Noah saved all of the animal from the raging hurricane, so does the Noah car cover shield the automobile. The Noah cowl is made from 3 layers, each giving an introduced dimension of safety against no longer just rain, but all climate situations. The cowl is also robust enough to absorb the impact of knocks and bangs, so that no influence is left on the auto.

Multi bond is for those who maintain their motors interior in garages. The Multi bond cowl is a glorified, well outfitted dirt sheet for the automobile, so that even even as kept interior, the automobile stays pristine smooth. It additionally resists the boom of mildew and decay, in order that the auto and its cowl do not get mouldy whilst it is included. All of these covers are available in 3 sizes; universal, semi custom and custom. The generic cowl will healthy any car irrespective of how big or small it’s far. Semi custom covers are made to suit a collection of vehicles which might be of similar shape and length. The custom cover is made uniquely for every vehicle, so that it suits it exactly. The better the match, the better the protection as there is much less hazard of the unwanted creeping in neglected.



Toyota launches the Etios 2017 line in the Brazilian market, which comes with many new features: 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter VVT-i engine family, six-speed manual transmission, TFT digital instrument panel with 4.2-inch display – Toyota Smart Screen -, unique in the segment of compact cars, more equipment of standard in all the versions, improvement in the acoustic insulation, suspension and electric direction recalibrated and unpublished standardization in the internal finishing. The big differential, however, is the adoption of the four-speed automatic transmission for the entire Etios 2017 family, in both hatchback and sedan body versions. The Etios 2017 line shows qualities that meet the most demanding consumers, who seek comfort and technology, without giving up performance, safety, efficiency and low cost of ownership. Also noteworthy for the capacity of the luggage compartment of the sedan, 562 liters, one of the largest in the category. Since its launch in September 2012, the Etios has been recognized by Toyota DNA for quality, durability and reliability. Since then, Toyota has promoted several improvements in response to consumer requests, making it a benchmark for satisfaction and loyalty among owners. Throughout its history, Etios has become one of the best-selling Toyota models in Brazil. In 2015, the brand traded 61,000 units in the domestic market, and exported another 22,000 to Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, making the Sorocaba factory, where the vehicle is produced, operating above its nominal capacity of 74 thousand units per annum. Sales of the Etios 2017 line start on April 28, throughout the Toyota Dealership Network, with prices starting at R $ 43,990.

Versions and Equipment

Toyota has packed the Etios 2017 with an extensive list of comfort and convenience items. From the entry version X, the line comes as standard with the Toyota Smart Screen, on-board computer, external antenna of the short pole type, arm rests in the driver’s seat (automatic version only) and rear seat with folding backrest. The model also has progressive electroassayed direction (EPS); air conditioning; internal opening of the trunk and fuel tank; key with opening and closing control of the four doors; central console with two front cupholders and one rear; sunshades with courtesy mirror for driver and passenger; warning alarm for open doors, ignition key and seat belt; front and rear windows with electric drive, the driver’s with auto-down function; electric locks; among other items of comfort, convenience and safety, in addition to the mandatory dual front airbag and brakes with state-of-the-art ABS system. The XS version adds the following items, starting from version X: audio system that plays MP3 files with Bluetooth function and auxiliary and USB inputs; cruise control (automatic version); audio control and the on-board computer on the steering wheel; air-conditioning diffusers and chrome transmission lever handle base; opening of the trunk with a button; banks with fabric in two colors; speakers and tweeters; in addition to the EcoWallet function in the on-board computer, which allows the driver to put the amount paid per liter of fuel, making it possible to calculate and monitor the amount spent on fuel during a trip. The XLS version adds all the equipment of the XS version, plus alloy wheels of 15 inches with new design (in the versions X and XS the wheels are of 14 inches and covered by caps); audio system with touchscreen, which allows for mirroring of smartphones; fog lights; chromed finish on the trunk lid; leather steering wheel coating; external mirrors with integrated arrow indicators and Comfort Drive seat trim (leather trim). The cross, available only in the hatchback, differs from the XLS by the design of the alloy wheels, exclusive seam of the seats, gear knob with leather trim, set of rugs with Cross inscription, and, of course, body that identify the adventurous proposal of the version.

New Motors and Performance

The Etios 2017 line marks the beginning of a new era in Toyota’s history in Brazil. The model is the first of the portfolio to be equipped with propellers produced in the new engine plant, located in Porto Feliz (SP). The 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter engines, both 16V Flexfuel, bring Toyota’s already-proven Dual VVT-i variable valve control technology to management of the intake and exhaust systems of the combustion chamber, optimizing fuel way, reflecting better performance and lower consumption.

There are two types of engines available:

 1.3 Flexfuel, Dual VVT-i DOHC 16-valve, which yields 98 hp at 5,600 rpm when fueled with ethanol, and 88 hp, also at 5,600 turns, with gasoline. The maximum torque in this configuration is 125.5 Nm (with ethanol) and 120.6 Nm (with gasoline), always at 4,000 rpm. For this motorization, the torque gain was 9% and power, 8 hp, compared to the previous version.

1.5 Flexfuel, Dual VVT-i DOHC 16-valve, which yields 107 hp at 5,600 rpm when fueled with ethanol, and 102 hp, also at 5,600 turns, with gasoline. The maximum torque in this configuration, at 4,000 turns, is 141.2 Nm (with ethanol) and 137.3 Nm (with gasoline). For this motorization, the torque gain was 11% and power, 11 hp, in relation to the previous version.

Both propellers are built with block and aluminum head, and offer the perfect combination of performance and durability. The Etios 2017 also does not use the auxiliary sub-tank cold start, bringing new injectors with a preheating system In the Etios 2017 operating area, air conditioning controls are manual and have been enhanced with the introduction of a more advanced software compressor. With it, after a constant period of use of the equipment, the vehicle is able to turn off the system for a few seconds and automatically restart, in order not to subtract the power of the engine and aiding in fuel economy. The Etios 2017 line, both hatchback and sedan, had the progressive electro-static steering recalibrated, ensuring excellent handling and maintaining the excellent turning radii of 4.8 m in the hatchback and 4.9 m in the sedan. In parallel, the dynamic performance of the model improved with the suspension adjustment. Springs and dampers were recalibrated, making the Etios 2017 even more stable and comfortable in daily use.


All versions of the Toyota Etios 2017 (X, XS, XLS and Cross), both hatchback and sedan, have new transmission options: manual, now with six speeds, and automatic, four. Automatic transmission was the main demand of consumers. Its development was premised on driving, performance, comfort and low fuel consumption, within a highly efficient system. The differential of this transmission is the management software AI Shift Control that is able to analyze the condition of use of the vehicle (slopes, traffic, etc.), the position of the accelerator pedal and , thus selecting and maintaining the most appropriate gear for each driving situation. As a result, the driver has a pleasant feeling when driving, with the perception of smooth changes and quick responses, as well as great acceleration and agility in the recovery. For manual versions, Toyota has adopted the IMT – Intelligent Acceleration Monitor – which acts as a starting aid, preventing the engine from ‘turning off’ as soon as the driver takes his foot off the clutch to get the car moving. In addition, the clutch hydraulic drive was added, added to the sixth gear and improved gear ratio, resulting in fuel economy and greater comfort when cruising at cruising speed.

Internal Finish

The superiority of the Etios 2017 is demonstrated in its interior, combining sophistication and functionality. From the X input version, the interior finish is exquisite. All versions have predominant interior in dark tones and panel with Total Black finish. The door covering materials and seat fabric are of high quality also provided dodge challenger covers. The dashboard was augmented with a 4.2-inch display with high-resolution TFT technology (similar to the Lexus and Prius hybrid models), the so-called Toyota Smart Screen. In it, two large circles gather the on-board information: the one on the right shows the spigot and the engine thermometer, the left, the speedometer and the fuel gauge. The screen also displays various information on driving, in three-dimensional projection. Among them, the gear that is being used in the automatic transmission. Another item that conveys the sensation of exclusivity is the clear blue light of the dashboard, common in the XS, XLS (hatch and sedan) and Cross versions, for the engine speed and rotation indicators, audio system, clock and air conditioning . The light intensity can be adjusted according to the preference of the driver, considering the variables of lights on or off or days more or less sunny.


The Toyota Etios was the first compact car in the country to win four stars (of five possible), in protection for the passengers of the front seats, in the collision test of Latin NCAP. The merit is a result of Toyota’s concern with safety from the design of the vehicle. Its body has several points of impact absorption and programmable deformation, following the global standards of the brand. For the 2017 lineup, Toyota do Brasil has improved the safety features of the model with the addition of the three-point head restraint and seat belt for the rear seat center passenger and ISOFIX child seat anchorage system. All versions are equipped with dual front airbag, ABS brakes with electronic brake distribution (EBD), which has gained a new generation of software, ensuring directional control in emergency braking.


Two colors were introduced – Premium Silver and Cosmopolitan Gray -, complementing the existing portfolio, consisting of Azul Journey, Bossa Nova White, Pearly White, Silver New Moon, Infinite Black and Red Fury.

Cost of Ownership and Customer Satisfaction

Etios’s trajectory of success is undeniable. Toyota’s compact is the model in its segment with the highest levels of satisfaction and loyalty among owners. Of the total customers who exchanged their Etios, 65% bought a new Etios.

Much of this credibility is due to the model’s cost of ownership. Up to 60,000 km, the total cost with revisions is R $ 2,400.00, one of the lowest in the market.


Prices start at $ 43,990 for the model X 1.3 16V manual and go up to $ 60,295 for the model XLS 1.5 16V automatic.


Special versions of the Toyota GT86 do not stop. It seems that the brand wants no one to be indifferent when passing a unit of this model by its side. Not long ago we showed the special edition Toyota GT86 860, and now comes the Toyota GT86 Tiger, another of a long list of special editions that will land in Germany. Although this Tiger GT86 is more exclusive than the 860 Edition. The model has a very unique color called ‘Tiger Orange’ that contrasts with black details on various parts of the body. The mirrors are in black, as is the rear spoiler. Some details of this dark color characterize the character of the Japanese model. The 17-inch alloy wheels feature an anthracite finish, a set that captures the look of the GT86 Tiger. Inside, the brand also wanted to leave a unique touch in this edition. The seats are upholstered in Alcantara and certain interior spaces in leather. The seams contrast in orange, and the brushed aluminum inserts give the ultimate final note in this special edition. The Toyota GT86 will land in Germany, and for the time being it will only be sold in that market. Underneath the hood hides the well-known engine of four cylinders and 2.0 liters of natural aspiration that develops a power of 200 hp. In addition to these technical specifications stands out the new suspension that benefits from sports buffers signed by Sachs.

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